About Us

With the principle of "Our dreams are our goals", "DREAM HOUSES"" is the name of long years of accumulation and experience turned into a product.


Our company started its activities in the 2000s with the construction of steel and reinforced concrete structures, farm houses, cattle and sheep pens, gardens with trees and hobby zoos. It has successfully implemented many national and international projects.


Our company has expanded its fields of activity with the "Dream Houses Project" and opened a new door to a peaceful and happy life. With the slogan "Live in nature, live naturally", it aims to contribute to creating "small houses, big happiness".


Dream Houses is the "breath" that extends from the person who spends his life for his needs to the person who earns his needs for his life.


In a period of time when crowds make life unbearable with rudeness, in a process where disasters such as earthquakes, etc. are added to disasters and infectious diseases; "Dream Houses" is the address of those who are overwhelmed and looking for a new breath, a new breath.

Our Vision

Our Vision

"To lead all kinds of national and international construction projects that facilitate human life and create a happy world family".To be the most reliable 'brand' in domestic and international markets.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To meet expectations and needs in the best way, at the most cost-effective cost without sacrificing quality.


To provide our customers with the trust and service quality required by change and innovation.


Our greatest ideal is to reinforce our product and service quality with the feeling of "trust".