Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tiny house models be lived in summer and winter?

All our Tiny House models are suitable for all seasons, first class interior and exterior materials, insulation systems are used, so they are suitable for summer and winter living.

Can a normal car tow these models?

It may vary according to the total weight of the product model you have purchased. For example, you can easily transport a 4 metre 750 kg Tiny House with 1.6 engine and above vehicles.

Do you need special permission for travelling?

According to the dimensions and weight of the product you have purchased, you can transfer it without permission.

Can personalised tiny house design be made?

On the products in our existing catalogue, we can design the changes that do not pose a problem in production as static and engineering by our architects in accordance with your request.

Is there an MTV or a tax application for tiny house?

The buyer is exempt from taxes such as SCT and MTV during and after the purchase of Tiny Houses. Apart from the 20% VAT you will pay when purchasing, you need to have an inspection once a year.

Is zoning required when placing on any land?

Since our Tiny Houses are plated, you can position your Tiny House on unzoned plots and lands without the need for zoning.

How much does it weigh?

It varies according to the selected model. It can start from 750 kg and go up to 25000 kg. with licences listed as follows: 750 kg and below will be under O1 Licence. From 750 kg to 3500 kg will be under O2 Licence. 3500 kg to 10000 kg will be under O3 Licence. From 10000 kg up to 25000 kg. It will be under O4 licence.

Do we have the opportunity to choose a furniture model in the tiny house?

We have furnished and unfurnished options in our products.

How is the waste water drainage of the tiny house solved?

With a 75 to 125 litre tank, you can collect the waste water in the tank and if you are on the move, you can discharge it to the sewerage points on the route. If you are not on the move, you can solve this problem by opening a septic tank where you are.

How do you ensure the safety of the tiny house?

By using 4×4 unbreakable glass, we provide both insulation and security.

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