Our Production Process

Phase One

First of all, we meet with our sales team, our expert architect staff and you one-on-one with a preliminary meeting and we make a preliminary study of your dream home that you want to design together.

Second Stage

We bring together the data we obtain after the preliminary interview and make a detailed project drawing with the designs prepared by our architect staff. After the project drawing, we calculate the product cost.

Third Stage

We present the design and cost of your dream home for your approval. With your approval, we mutually sign the contract and proceed to the implementation phase.

Fourth Stage

Our production team exhibits all their craftsmanship skills in the process of turning your project into reality and we bring your dreams to life. We share each stage of the process of realising your dreams with you step by step by sending photos and videos.

Fifth Stage

After the completion of the production, we pass it to the delivery stage after the inspections of our quality control team. Your product, which is approved by all tests, is ready for transfer. Your dream home comes to life with Dream Houses.