Tiny House Models and Things You Didn’t Know About Living With Them

In this article, as you can see from the title, we will explain the models of tiny house houses and what it means to live with them. Firstly, let’s take a look at tiny house models.

The tiny house movement is much more than a small place to call home. It goes hand in hand with a different lifestyle that many people are looking for.

Building a tiny house is often much more environmentally friendly due to the amount of materials needed, and one of the most environmentally friendly types of tiny house you can build is a log cabin.

There is a lot of choice about tiny house models. Whether you are interested in a tiny house on wheels or just downsizing, the idea of a simpler life is incredibly appealing. Not yet sold on the tiny house lifestyle? You will be after you check out the different types of tiny houses that exist. Indeed, there are so many great tiny house models that you will want to move right away.

Tiny House Models in Basics
When you imagine a tiny house, you usually think of a structure built on a caravan. Living in a caravan can be quite challenging; there are different areas where you can park and different laws for limited building space. Fortunately, there are several popular tiny house models if you want to build on a plot of land.

Building on a foundation

Like a “typical” house, you can also choose to build your tiny house on a concrete foundation. With this option, you get quite a lot of design freedom.

Building on skids or runners

If you don’t have a plot of land, building a semi-permanent foundation is an option if you plan to have to move your tiny house at some point.

Mobile Tiny Houses
You can wake up in a new place every day. While there are a few things to consider, such as housing regulations and power supplies, the freedom of the road is what attracts so many to this type of tiny house. Opting for a house on wheels means that no matter how far you go, you will never leave home. It is one of the most preferred models among tiny house models.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
It builds customisable tiny houses equipped with many of the features you would find in a motorhome. Professional build quality combined with the assurance of roadworthiness is something that many tiny house buyers find attractive.

Grandma Tiny House Homes
The idea of a granny pod or granny flat was originally to create a way for older people to live with their family while maintaining independence. With the growing popularity of the tiny house movement, some people are even using granny pods as a way to make extra money on rental websites.

Tiny Mobile Homes
Also known as trailers or manufactured housing, these tiny homes are known for their affordable housing prices. Although the image that trailers have in the United States is not so favourable, the ability to transport the house and a lower cost of living is what ensures their popularity.

Small Caravans
Originally designed for luxury camping or recreation, the caravan is becoming the primary home, fuelled by the growing desire to live off-grid. Remember your grandparents’ monster of a long caravan? Today, caravans can be just like tiny houses; compact and simple without sacrificing comfort or design.

Arched Cabins
It can be a nice project for those who are interested in affordable do-it-yourself tiny house models. The simplicity of the curved roof that extends to the ground is what makes this design so unique.

Gypsy Wagons
Reminiscent of the beautiful horse-drawn caravans that were once (and still are) at the centre of Gypsy life. These beautiful covered wagons have been given a facelift over the years and can be rented or built by some companies if you don’t want to build your own.

Little House Shed
Things you can use to store your tools or gardening equipment can be the perfect foundation for a tiny house. While some fancy sheds come standard with small porches, you can also choose to build the structure of your tiny house shed. The possibilities are endless!

Tiny Cabin
When we think of a cottage, we usually think of a wooded retreat without telephones and electricity. We imagine little houses made of rich-smelling wood, with gorgeous fireplaces and an endless supply of firewood in the backyard (and front yard). Nowadays, cabins have become even more stylish. You can even buy custom-made cabins on wheels in case you need a quick getaway!

Underground Houses
Are any of you Lord of the Rings fans? There are some really incredible and innovative underground houses. Contrary to popular belief, these houses are not necessarily dark inside. A well-designed underground house can have tunnel windows or be angled to let in plenty of natural light.

Why a Log Cabin is a Perfect Choice for a Small Home
If you’re on a downsizing journey, being more eco-friendly is probably one of your priorities too. They seem to go hand in hand. As long as you choose sustainably grown wood, wood is an excellent material choice when it comes to sustainability. It is also a robust building material that will last for generations to come.

In addition to being sustainable, log cabins are an affordable choice if you want to create a sturdy and durable small house. Logs are also versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways to create the perfect home.

It is our desire for the simple pleasures of life; to live simply and big at the same time. I hope looking at different tiny house models has inspired you!